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Are you a successful executive  but something feels like it's missing or more is possible?



I coach executives on how to transform as a leader giving them greater purpose as they win big and positively impact their teams and organizations.

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Transform as a leader to achieve greater purpose and increase your impact


Hi, I'm Sasha...

Do you desire to be a great leader? One who inspires those within your company and the world at large?


I invite you to courageously look within – to create change that enables you to show up as a better human and a better leader. That begins with The Inside Job.


This book and coaching practice have emerged from my passion for helping leaders and companies thrive through conscious and transformational leadership.  


Join me on this journey and make magic happen every day for yourself, teams, loved ones, organizations, and beyond.

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Keith Ferrazzi

NY Times #1 Best Selling Author & Founder/Chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight & Go Forward to Work

 “Sasha Stair is on a mission to create more conscious leaders and healthier relationships in and outside of the office. Her debut book, The Inside Job is a clear and witty guide for corporate leaders who are ready to reimagine the new wave of conscious leadership.


She shares simple, though not easy, transformation tools that leaders at every level can use to align, influence, and motivate individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve massive results." 

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Amy Brandt

CEO, DocuTech

“The Inside Job by Sasha Stair is a must-read book for corporate leaders at every level. With her engaging wit and candor, Sasha breaks down concepts like authenticity and vulnerability into simple practices that make it possible for leaders to mobilize their teams to achieve extraordinary results.”


Bob Jennings

CEO, ClosingCorp

"Inside Job is the book all corporate leaders need. Faced with so much uncertainty and volatility in today’s business world, leaders who are willing to explore their inner world are poised to rise and lead us into the future.


Sasha’s unique sense of humor - and perspective from within the walls of Corporate America - offers leaders a set of principles to live and lead by.”


Praise for The Inside Job


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Sasha Stair was nominated and selected as a featured leader in The KNOW's 2022 Phoenix Book.


The KNOW is a global media company and community dedicated to amplifying the voices of Female Leaders,
Executives, and Entrepreneurs.

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